I also understand that Experian may verify the details I have given against their own records. Your Signature. Date. When you have completed this form please return it to EXPERIAN CONSUMER HELP SERVICE PO BOX 9000 NOTTINGHAM NG80 7WP. EXPERIAN LIMITED ALIAS QUESTIONNAIRE Please answer the following questions so that we can consider your request to record on your report that you have been known by another name. STEP TWO - PLEASE COMPLETE AND SIGN THE DECLARATION BELOW I confirm that the above...
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Dan Willis here we're talking about how to dispute the Experian credit bureau and this is just to remove items that are on your Experian credit report we'll talk some more details about that here momentarily but we first want to share that by removing questionable inaccurate incorrect information on all three of your credit reports and specifically your Experian credit report that is one of the most effective ways of improving your credit score it impacts your payment history which is according to my FICO the credit scoring company 35 percent of your total credit score so this is crucial critical and mission imperative so this is how it works once you have your Experian credit report and you are provided that one copy per year specifically with Experian every 12 months you can request that at annualcreditreport.com if not you'll have to purchase it for a nominal fee but once you have this and you identify the items that you'd like to dispute because when you file a dispute what you're really doing is saying hey there's an incorrect inaccurate questionable item on my credit report it needs to be investigated and removed because it's you know causing problems with my life so here's the deal you can file a dispute by phone however you're gonna have trouble finding a number to do that but I'm almost positive that it you can still do it by phone the two more common ways are by mail and online you will have to provide some information information including the reason for your dispute such as it's inaccurate it's out of date the balance is wrong there's tons of reasons in tho the thing that empowers you and gives you the right to dispute any item you believe is questionable or inaccurate on your credit report is the Fair Credit Reporting Act the FCRA and that was passed way back in nineteen seventy that law also requires that the credit bureaus investigate consumer disputes and here's the kicker because naturally once you file your dispute you'll receive correspondence back from Experian typically within 30 days but here's the catch to credit repair even with legitimate you know victims of identity theft is the credit bureaus first get to choose and decide if your dispute is valid or invalid only if it's valid will they then investigate the item otherwise and more almost always I mean even on legitimate total pure rock-solid disputes consumers will get a correspondence message requesting more information and it's really the critics believe that this is nothing more than a stall tactic by the credit bureaus because you see the credit bureaus are for-profit businesses they are not the government and they're not affiliated with one another you you know if you have that same item that you want to spewed on all three of your credit reports you're gonna have to file three separate disputes one with each one of the three credit bureaus there's separate businesses they're separate entities and they built their businesses only recently have they offered...